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Brotox and why every man should be getting it

Brotox and why every man should be getting it - RXSuperSpa

Hello hello gentlemen and 95% women, welcome back to the Super Beautiful Blog. Grab yourself a glass of wine and imagine my voice as we cover today’s topic which is one that has vexed many a man since the dawn of the 1980s when Botulinum Neurotoxin was first being injected into humankind, most male identifying persons have avoided it. No doubt that it was partially because it was something their girlfriends were doing and heading down to the local surgeon’s clinic for a little anti-aging/cosmetic touch up certainly isn’t something a man would be doing on Friday afternoon.

Well thank god its now the 2020s and we can all be a little more expressive with ourselves and frankly ideas about what is masculine is a little bit flexible (actually it’s kind of been that way amongst the super wealthy since like the 90s, but of course back then it really cost a fortune to find someone to provide what’s commonly known as Botox (which is actually just a trademarked name brand of botulinum toxin and there are many other botulinum toxins out there!)) and men are finally starting to take much greater care of their appearances, investing more and more into having clear, handsome, unwrinkled skin. And slowly but surely moving away from 3-1 Bodywash/Conditioner/Shampoos, which is a topic we’ll cover in a different article.

OK so for all the gentlemen reading this article, and anyone who might be new to injectable treatments, let me explain a little bit of what this “toxin” is. Botox prevents us from forming or deepening any lines or wrinkles in the areas in which it is injected and it can be used to significantly reduce pain or discomfort related to migraines, TMJ and even Hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating of the palms & pits). Botox does not reverse the appearance of lines, however it will stop you from creasing those areas, thereby making the lines that usually appear seem to go away, and what’s great about that is it will also stop any existing lines from getting any deeper and prevent new ones from forming. Now you might ask why is that? And the answer lies in how wrinkles and lines are created in the first place: repeated muscle contractions/use, over a very long period of time.

To elaborate, every time we make an expression and it causes a line, it’s essentially causing a fold/contraction in the skin, which gets deeper and more prominent every time we make that expression. A very common thing to do as a human, is raise your eyebrows, which generally leads to expression lines across the forehead. By preventing the muscles in that area from contracting, we prevent the lines from forming and instead have this perfect, smooth look that helps us appear much younger that we may be 😉

SO if you don’t want a wrinkly old man forehead, the best thing to do is Brotox. Ideally you want to start around the time you start to see lines forming, which for some will likely be in their mid-twenties. If you’ve lead a more stressful/surprising life up to now, that might actually be in your early twenties. One thing I also want to make clear though, is that as long as you work with a good injector, you will never have to worry about being unable to move your face and make expressions. That’s a long since dead concept that no longer happens in the industry, generally because Doctors have learned to use a lot less botox, applied more effectively, to give us better results.

So King (& 95% Queens), book yourself a consultation and let’s keep you looking whatever age you are now. If there are lines and such that really need to be “filled in”, well that’s where another highly popular product comes into play, filler. But that’s for another article. Consultations at RX Super Spa are always provided by the Doctor who will be on-site. We can also book you for free virtual consultation with them so you can get an idea of what will be done on the day of your in person appointment. Click here to book.

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